Wind load testing

The design wind load is important for the stability of a building as well as for fastening of membranes and cladding material on roofs and walls. In our full-scale wind load chamber measuring 1,6x6m it is possible to simulate dynamic or static wind load forces up to 10 kN/m². The dynamic load gives us the opportunity to decide the fatigue strength of a joint or a material.

We perform testing according to current standards such as ETAG 006, FM-4470 or according to costumer needs.

During the testing it is possible to continuously log the process; this in combination with high speed filming makes it easy to decide the reason for failure.

Example of tests:
• Sheet metal standing seam roofs with varying seam widths, and fastening systems, on  different types of substrates
• Flat roofing systems with mechanically fastened or glued membranes on a number of different substrates such as metal, concrete or wood
• Plastered walls
• Sandwich element systems

One of the industrys most modern control system
visualizing the test

One of the industrys most modern control system visualizing the test

Wind load testing according to ETAG 006

According to ETAG 006 a mechanically fastened membrane shall be tested dynamically. During each load interval the test specimen is exposed to 1415 load changes. The load is increased in the next interval and the number of load changes is repeated. This is an ongoing process until the test specimen collapses.

Wind load testing according to FM-4470

According to the American test method roof constructions are statically tested. The construction is exposed to wind load in increasing levels, with one minute load interval per level. We can contribute with pre test according to this standard in order to secure the result beforeofficial final testing in FM- approvals test facility.

Wind load calculation according to BKR-03/

The result from the wind load test according to ETAG 006 is the base for deciding the design wind load for a certain roof system. During many years we have performed wind load calculations on roof and wall constructions. This service can be offered when needed.


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