Project management

Many companies have a large need of effectively handled quality, development and improvement driven projects.

With a solid experience of project management we can help our customers either when special competence is needed or when the company’s own resources are insufficient.

Together with you as a client we plan the project and clearly specify goal, milestones, and time for reports. Resource planning is an important part of the project plan and it is thus important to consider resources utilization already in the planning phase of the project.

With experience of running projects using the Six
Sigma methodology we secure effective project managementby using the DMAIC-cycle:
Define - The voice of the customer and the current state is mapped
Measure - Useful information is gathered
Analyze - The gathered information is evaluated in order to find ways to reach what the customer wants
Improve - The improvements found is implemented
Control - Follow-up

6 sigma och DMAIC cycle secures an effecient project management.

6 sigma och DMAIC cycle secures an effecient project management.

Technical approvals

Working through a European technical approval, ETA-project, for a product is both time and resource consuming. We help our customers to lead the testing, investigation and documentation work in order to make the process more effective.

Testing and validation

When carrying through a project, testing and validation of the result is often needed. Since we can do all this under one roof we can draw knowledge from the results in a more rational way.

Industrial projects

Our experience from product development and our competence within for example, CAD, injection moulding and metal work makes us suitable as project manager for both large and small industrial projects.


Secrecy is of uttermost importance for our customers. We fulfil this through having a strict policy for secrecy within our quality management system.


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