Systematic fire protection work – Hot Work

Fire causes damage of several million Euros
every year. Historically it has been proven that Hot Work is one of the main reasons. Welding, cutting, solding, roofing and other jobs that causes heating and spark formation is all gathered under the umbrella Hot Work.

To prevent these unnecessary fires the insurance companies in Sweden demands a certification to allow you to perform these types of activities. The certification training shall be carried out according to guiding principles submitted by the insurance companies and The Swedish Fire Protection Association, SFPA.

We are authorized by SFPA to organize Hot Work training sessions and to issue certificates.

In cooperation with TIB and SFPA we have developed a special in depth training material for Hot Work with special focus on roofing and membranes. By experience, high risk constructions are carefully evaluated.

Practice with fire-extinguisher

Practice with fire-extinguisher

CFPA – Fire safety at work

With a CFPA authorisation as a base we can offer our costumers project management and training within for instance areas as systematic fire protection, fire protection within construction and Hot Work.

Safety rules

An important part in the training Hot Work, based on actual experiences, is the safety rules established by SFPA and the insurance companies.

Systematic Fire Protection

According to the law, protection against accidents, a systematic fire protection approach should be applied during the full life length of a building. We give guidance on how this can be applied and documented.


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