Accelerated corrosion testing

We perform accelerated Corrosion testing according to ISO 6988/DIN 50018, i.e. Kesternich testing. Kesternich is an approved method to perform corrosion tests on metallic componenets within the construction and vehicle industry.

A full Kesternich test is composed of 15 cycles of 24 hours each. Less than 15% red rust after 15 cycles is an approved result. 2 liters of water and 2 liters sulphur dioxide gas is used.

When needed other types of corrosion test can be perfomed, the testing parameters are in such cases decided in cooperation between the customer and Constructech.



Our corrosion test cabinet is a 300 liters Liebisch cabinet.

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Water quality

Accordning to the standard the water used when testing must have a conductivity of <500µS/m. We deionize our water in our own eqipment and use water with a conductivity <100µS/m.

Report and result

The amount of red rust on the tested components is measured visually both during and after the test. Less than 15% red rust after 15 cycles is an approved result.


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