Customer adapted training

To have employees, suppliers and co-workers with the right skills are important success factors. The ability to reach set goals, high quality awareness, and good customer relations are all important for success and are all dependent on the skills within the company or the organisation.

We develop tailor made trainings and seminars within specific areas for example, quality, continuous improvements, material science, and fastening technology. We also develop and take responsibility for presentations, documentation and other material necessary. If you wish we apply your graphical profile on the material, alternatively we suggest or commonly develop a profile.

A reference is the Swedish national roofing association, TIB. We have cooperated with TIB during a longer period and today we are responsible for the full range of training offered by TIB, as for example, training for roofers, business leader training, systematic environmental work, and Hot Work.

Training centre

Within our complete training and conference centre, specially designed for both practice and theory, we have gathered all that is needed for a successful conference or training.

In our modern conference part we have a beamer, fast internet connection, kitchen, dressing room and shower. We have a large training hall in connection to a mechanical workshop. When needed we supply, tools, accessories and material for consumption. We always supply competence and professional guidance.

Constructech is strategically situated in Strängnäs, close to the E20 and in the middle of the district of lake Mälaren. Since it is easy to reach Strängnäs, 50 minutes from Stockholm and 70 minutes from Arlanda airport it is possible for us to arrange conferences and trainings with participants from a large area.

At longer conferences and trainings we arrange food, evening activities and accommodation. Our knowledge of the area and good relations with restaurants, event makers and hotels secures a good result.

Reference litterature

Reference litterature

Tailor made training

Solid knowledge within fastening technology, all categories.


Everything from on the jon-site to theoretical training.

Internally or externally

Depending on the customer need we agree on the best solution.

Conference room

Modern conference room with seating for 16 participants. Stationary computer beamer and Internet connection.

Training hall

Large training hall, mechanical work shop and a complete set of tools and accessories.


Kitchen and dressing room

Fully equipped kitchen makes it possible to serve food and drinks. Dressing room in connection to the training hall.


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