Load tests

Long term strength and durability is the most important criteria for a safe construction over time. With long experience of load tests on mechanically fastened joints and connections we perform both compression and tensile load tests on a broad range of different applications.

In our load test equipment we can perform tests with a force of up to 10 kN. With a very flexible fixture system we can easily apply almost any test specimen to get the actual failure value.

Apart from the stationary equipment we have a number of mobile load cells connectable to either air or hydraulic cylinders. By having this flexibility we can build in testing into larger constructions.

The results are analyzed in one of the most powerful software on the market, LAB View 8.6.

To be able to perform this type of testing that often demands a lot of space we have a test hall with an area of 300 m². A generous height and an over head crane give us the possibility to handle very large specimens.

Adapters for diffrent types of load tests

Adapters for diffrent types of load tests

Prototypes and test rig manufacturing

In our mechanical work shop we have the possibility to help our customers to produce test rigs and fixtures. We can also easily modify products when needed.

Test specimens – Customer adapted load testing

After examining our customers test needs, we can with large flexibility arrange testing to evaluate the properties of the construction in consideration.

Tensile and compressional tests

In our load test equipment we can perform compression and tensile tests on construction details and joints using forces up to 10kN.


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